In an ancient healing therapy in the Chinese Taoist system, it is ideal to receive a session whilst fasting. It will greatly facilitate the detox process by loosening old mucoid plaque in the colon and small intestine. It also stimulates the release of toxins in the deeper organs such as the kidneys, the liver, the lungs, the pancreas, the spleen, and the heart by the use of connected trigger points in the abdomen around the belly button. Please note that, as this is a sensitive area that we will be working around, we kindly ask you to take your time to read the healing therapy guides.

To get the most out of this experience, we encourage you to do your best to use the sounds of the breath to release the tension held in the area being worked upon. Please note that our therapist is professionally trained with the techniques of Chi Nei Tsang.

Throughout this treatment, there will be times where you may feel uncomfortable, please inform the therapist with hand signals, breath, and verbal communication. Or maybe throughout the session, you realize that you could take the treatment even further. Any moment, please let our therapist know so that you can receive and release deeper, to receive the maximum benefits of your session leaving you with the best experience possible.

If your schedule allows, do take the time after the session to lie down either in the treatment room or in your private space to fully integrate your healing session. You may feel the need to pass gas whilst the abdomen is being worked on. Please allow this to happen, as holding tension in the belly during a session will not benefit you. We suggest you go to the bathroom before the session and if you need to go during the session, indicate to the therapist as holding tension is detrimental to the treatment. If you are a woman on the first three days of the menstrual cycle, it is best to reschedule the treatment. If you have any specific condition of the intestines or digestive organs or recently have had surgery, do communicate this to your Chi – Nei – Tsang therapist so they may be aware to be extra sensitive in those areas.

We hope you have a blissful healing session and appreciate the beauty of this special treatment by Ubud Sari Health Resort.