Ubud Royal Palace

About Ubud

Ubud is a small village, which is located the heart of the island of gods, Bali. Ubud Village has been known for a long time, where tourists have visited Ubud starting from the 1920s until now. Not a few of them, fall in love and eventually settled in Ubud, which are known for their wealth of Balinese culture with deep roots in the joint lives of its people. Thus, Ubud is known as epicentral cultural tourism in Bali, and even Indonesia.

Ubud As a Center of Cultural Tourism

At this time, visitors not only enjoy the beauty and the richness of culture in Ubud. However, they also enjoy a variety of attractions and activities in Ubud. Ranging from community activities into separate cultural attraction in the eyes of tourists, until the art show that was held every night across the corner of the village. Travelers can choose the type of show that is very varied, from the show that involve the masses, such as Kecak Dance, to the classic show, Legong and Barong Dance.

In addition, Ubud is known as a retreats center for tourists. It has become the root of life in Ubud, which is very strong with its natural nuances and spiritual life. The atmosphere of peace and calm is native to Ubud itself, so spiritual activities in Ubud run very naturally.

Ubud Sari, which was founded in 1996, has become a pioneer as a retreats center in Ubud. Where the program is designed carefully and rooted in the culture of Ubud. Programs that are designed to restore physical and mental health, so that you find serenity and peace back into your life.