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  • Traditional Javanese Exfoliation Scrub; Lulur
    IDR. 420.000
    A luxurious Javanese body scrub that's believed to be one of natures best exfoliating methods. It contains turmeric, pandan wangi leaves, and temu giring in a rice powder base. Designed with our signature relaxing massage, a 120-minute treatment with these ingredients will purify, exfoliate, and stimulate skin cell regeneration.
  • 2 Hours Body Peeling
    IDR. 420.000
    One hour with our signature relaxing massage followed by a soothing, gentle milk body peeling. This combination exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin with the necessary nutrients and vitamins to make you feel refreshed.
  • 2 Hours Firming Body Wrap
    IDR. 770.000
    One hour with our signature relaxing massage is followed by our firming body wrap. You will be wrapped in heated towels and soaked in natural aroma water to rejuvenate the body.
  • 2 Hours Detoxifying Body Wrap
    IDR. 840.000
    Improve and freshen up your skin with our detoxifying wrap. The detoxifying mask is then applied, to the skin that will detox your body.
  • 3 Hours Warmth Balinese Boreh Ritual
    IDR. 630.000
    Used by locals for centuries, the Balinese boreh ritual is a traditional treatment that involves a paste made from fresh herbs and spices, which is applied to the body. These combinations of traditional and organic ingredients will increase blood circulation, exfoliate, rejuvenate your body and skin whilst feeling relaxed and refreshed.
  • 4 Hours Soothing Beauty
    IDR. 1.190.000
    A combination of our top treatments, this session will include a flower footbath, a signature relaxing massage, firming seaweed body wrap, and facial treatment all to soothe your senses and rejuvenate. Enjoy complimentary healthy meals, juices and a surprise souvenir at the end of your session.
  • 6 Hours Revitalizing Treatment
    IDR. 1.820.000
    Revitalize your body for six hours with a delightful combination of spa packages. Choose from a selection of footbaths, relaxing massages, and a choice of two different body scrubs from Java or Bali, followed by a firming body wrap. This treatment will give you a full-relaxation experience at its finest. Enjoy complimentary healthy meals, juices and a surprise souvenir whilst relaxing at the hot Jacuzzi whirlpool. Please note that this total treatment includes a facial-cream bath and a selection of manicure or pedicure.
* All treatment at Ubud Sari Spa is subject to a 12,5% government tax and added with a 10% service charge fee. As complimentary we offer access to use the jacuzzi, steam and sauna areas on any selected spa treatment.

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