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  • Ubud Sari Signature Relaxing Massage - 60 mins
    IDR. 210.000
    Truly unique to Ubud Sari Spa, this signature massage is designed to get you completely relaxed. Through a combination of different traditional massage techniques, feel your areas of tension being released using long strokes and the application of pressure for deep relaxation. This massage will help decrease muscle tension from within your body and will improve overall blood circulation and oxygen to get areas in need for a full recovery.
  • The Delight - 90 mins
    IDR. 310.000
    This inspiring full body massage is designed to get your entire body rejuvenated from head to toe. Traditional massage techniques are used throughout this treatment from light to deep pressure and kneading will get you fully relaxed and recovered in no time.
  • Foot and Reflexology - 60 mins
    IDR. 350.000
    Homage to the ancient Chinese technique, this treatment works on pressure points on the feet that relate to the health and wellbeing of various parts of your body. Reflexology can help clear any channels of blocked energy by moving the flow of blood and nerve impulses that will ultimately improve overall health and balance. It will leave you with restored energy and release your tension.
  • Neck and Shoulder massage - 30 mins
    IDR. 140.000
    A concentrated massage that uses traditional techniques to ease muscle pain around neck and shoulder areas. This massage will help improve your overall circulation and bring more oxygen and nutrients in areas of stress.
  • Refreshing Facial
    IDR. 370.000
    Our Refreshing Facials are available in three different options. We specifically designed this treatment for normal, dry and oily skin types. Pamper yourself and get ready for a nourishing facial.
  • Manicure - 50 minutes
    IDR. 140.000
    This care involves every stage of “The Beauty of Nails”, this includes trimming, polishing, cuticle care, and exfoliation of hands. That is followed, by a hand massage, hydrating cream, and a finish of a coat of your choice.
  • Pedicure - 60 minutes
    IDR. 160.000
    A therapeutic treatment for your feet that removes dead skin softens hard skin, shapes and treats your toe nail.
  • Hair Shampoo
    IDR. 140.000
    A gentle cleanse for your hair with hydration masque finishing. Lounge back and enjoy a relaxing scalp massage.
  • VCO Hair Therapy
    IDR. 350.000
    VCO hair therapy is a combination of hair shampoo followed by hair treatment with traditional Indonesian ancient formula; Virgin Coconut Oil. VCO is made from pure coconut oil that will moisturize your scalp.
  • Cream Bath
    IDR. 210.000
    A signature Ubud Sari cream bath, a nourishing scalp treatment with high-end hair care products. Includes head massage, neck & shoulders.
* All treatment at Ubud Sari Spa is subject to a 12,5% government tax and added with a 10% service charge fee. As complimentary we offer access to use the jacuzzi, steam and sauna areas on any selected spa treatment.

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