Combination Treatment and Special Beauty

Traditional Javanese exfoliation scrub, lulur : IDR. 420.000

  • Javanese lulur body exfoliation scrub is a traditional Javanese beauty ritual. Contains of turmeric, pandan wangi leaves and temugiring in a rice powder base. Designed with the signature relaxing massage, a 120minute treatment is traditionally use since centuries to cleanse, smooth, soften and rejuvenate the skin.

 2 Hours body peeling : IDR. 420.000

  • One hour signature relaxing massage followed by milk body peeling.

 2 Hours firming body wrap : IDR. 770.000

  • One hour signature relaxing massage followed by body wrap.

 2 Hours detoxifying body wrap: IDR. 840.000

  • One of our great skin detoxification and skin purification began with a relaxing massage enabling your skin to be open to the wrap’s healing properties. The detoxifying mask is then applied to the skin. On top of that, we bundle you in a cozy blanket using heated towels soaked in aroma water to hold in the heat for product penetration.

 3 Hours warmth Balinese boreh ritual : IDR. 630.000

  • Balinese boreh scrub have been used by local for centuries.. A traditional exfoliation to rejuvenate skin as much as warming the body. This 3 hours ritual combination began with footbath followed by one hour relaxing body massage. The ingredients of Boreh such as cloves, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon , nutmeg and rice powder will be rubbed all over the skin following with hair cream bath. Healthy juice and meals is included.

 4 Hours Soothing beauty : IDR. 1.190.000

  • A perfect combination to sooth your senses with our 5 most popular treatment as well as a choice of our selected healthy meals and juices at the end of the treatment. Souvenir is included. Flower foot bath – Signature relaxing massage – Firming seaweed body wrap - Facial treatment – healthy meals and juices.

 6 Hours Revitalizing treatment : IDR. 1.820.000

  • We offer you a delightful combination of total 6 hours revitalizing spa packages choose from a combination of foot flower bath - relaxing massage – a choice of two different body scrub product such as Javanese lulur or Balinese boreh followed with firming body wrap. Selection of healthy meals and juices you can enjoy while having a hot Jacuzzi whirlpool. This total treatment is also included facial – cream bath and selection of manicure or pedicure, souvenir.

All treatment is subject to 12,5 % government tax and 10 % service
A complimentary use for Jacuzzi, steam and sauna to all selected spa Treatment.

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